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A cold-hearted handshake welcomes you to Slick Industries, the world leader in world exploitation. When being the best at all we do, we never look back. Total control of all situations allows us to be the captain of our destiny. Sound leadership and unwavering commitment is why thousands of companies rely on our expertise to maximize profits. We are everywhere, we do everything and we use that power to make the impossible happen.

Trust in us. When we say we will, we do. - Slick Industries
A Message from our President/CEO - 2/2/12
2011 was a record year for Slick Industries. Breaking records across the board in energy profits, open land demolition and weapon sales. Our 2012 forecast has never looked any better and the sky is going to be black with our bottom line.

We did have some setbacks (a few oil pipeline spills, mining explosions and bad press) but never lack faith in our ability to bounce back. An investment in SI is an investment to your already oily, fat pocket book.
- Senator Slick


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