He’s the Senator who put Session County on the map, and not always by legal and/or moral means. (Cough The Dark Sea). Apart from his relentless and ruthless real estate developments that are constantly ruffling The Gimmies feathers by encroaching on their “spots” and destroying the area’s natural beauty wholesale, he’s constantly experimenting out in his desert lab, always looking for an edge. Through too much time dealing with toxic chemicals, oils, plastics, heavy metals, garbage etc. he is actually half-plastic now, shiny and slick. Trust us: he uses this mutation to his full advantage.

Ruthless but charming. Cruel yet strangely brilliant. Charismatic but capable of frightening displays of brute force when provoked. He retired from politics officially years ago and yet insists that everyone call him “Senator.” Best imagined as a cartoon amalgam of Donald Trump’s capitalist gamesmanship, George W. Bush’s goofy charm (and occasional sociopathy), Richard Branson’s bio, Lex Luthor’s twisted self-image, the Grinch’s selfishness, Montgomery Burns’s nouveau-feudalism and The Toxic Avenger’s...toxicity. He’s fun to be around, a true spark plug for adventure, but a deadly and unpredictable character through-and-through. It’s as if, by following his very greedy nose, he’s searching for a new “way of being;” he’s a Nietzschean Übermensch in the making -- every second of every day. And, just like the plastics that are slowly taking over the organic parts of his face and body, Sen. Slick’s lust for land, control, and other forms of domination have metastasized and become both means and end. He craves power because, well, he craves power; i.e. he will stop at nothing to grow his personal empire.

Senator Slick’s humble beginnings in the deep south explain his hunger for capital here in present day Southern California, but the real essence of his character lies outside easy questions of class or cash. Since he was a child, Senator Slick, born Tiberius Chester Slayback, has had a pathological need to: Win. At. Everything. From schoolyard marble games (using gravel b/c nobody could afford actual marbles) to high school football (he escaped the hick South on a football scholarship) to politics to the high-stakes world of Session County real estate, he now finds himself atop, Slick really only cares about winning.

Primary antagonist and the source of most problems in Session County. Even when Senator Slick’s not on camera or on scene, he often turns out to have been behind major problems/plot points.

Security Cam Footage of Senator Slick in the "Hyena Z999"



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