Knuckles got his name from the large metal knuckles that protrude from his hands. He uses them to “convince” others to do as he wishes. They also come in handy when he needs to attach other hand weapons to his fists. It doesn’t help that he’s always cracking his knuckles when he’s bored.

Knuckles is a “transplant” from the deep inner city of the East coast. His personality reflects that. He’s the ring leader of Senator Slick’s gang of thugs who do most of his dirty work. If something shady needs to be done, Knuckles is usually the one involved. He loves being on the West coast but you would be hard pressed to hear anything but bragging about how the East coast is so much better. He has quickly established himself as a big fish out in Session County where only a handful of petty crimes popped up now and again. Since Knuckles has come to town, things are a bit more shady.

Knuckles was always the little guy who got pushed around in school. No one ever took him all that seriously. Years of being knocked around and ignored, he decided it was time to make a statement and show the world who he really was. Over the course of a few years, Knuckles found an obsessive love for the gym and working out. He took any and every kind of muscle enhancer to get him to the size of what he is today. In the event of becoming a force to be reckoned with, he used his size to intimidate others. His years as a night club bouncer got him the recognition he looked for, but his strong arm tactics were what got him fired from club to club. Eventually, no one liked the guy and he found himself out of work and with no friends. Eventually he went into the business of robbing and providing “neighborhood security” for small mom and pop shops in his neighborhood. His business led him to run-ins with the law constantly. Eventually, he made his way west and landed in the nice, quaint city of Session. He sees that the “fruit” is ripe for picking and it’s harvest time!


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