02/02/12 - Small Setback to Slick Towers
Things didn't go as planned. While in the process of demo-ing an annoying downtown skatepark, our plans were put on hold because of a handful of pesky kids. Parents and kids alike were blind to the worthless nature of this skatepark and the participants involved.

No need to worry though. With one area being off limits for now, we have thousands more that we have set our interests on. Stay tuned. Our city planners have many other projects for us to demolish and develop.

01/28/12 - Slick Industries is Ready to Break New Ground to Make Way for Slick Towers
We're in the works with downtown Session to break new ground on some new high rise townhouses, Slick Towers. Are you looking to live a luxury urban lifestyle by the water? There are many ultra posh condos in the downtown Session area! We can help you find your perfect luxury condo!
Call or email us today!

12/31/11 - A New Year is Upon Us!
A new year brings new possibilities. Let us all reflect back on 2011 and enjoy the record profits that will propel us into the new year. With our fingers into just about everything, here at Slick Industries we are enjoying the high-life. To the Chinese this is the year of the dragon. Let us celebrate them and find more oil reserves so that we can keep that fire-breathing money machine cooking as hot as possible. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

11/01/11 - Drilling Continues in a Wildlife Preserve Ripe with Untouched Oil Reserves
Slick Industries uses their massive influence to explore and drill for untouched oil reserves in the infamous Wildlife Preserve in the frigid Northwest. The untouched beauty was ripe for the taking when we step our oily boots on this pristine preserve. Utilizing untest methods, we "cut our teeth" in areas where weren't even sure there was anything below us. Luckily after 6 months of exporing we struck it rich!!!


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